Joker is a large international Java conference for Senior Java developers. On October 25-26, 2019, the conference will be held for the seventh time. Joker grows, becomes even more exciting every year. The conference brings together more than 1000 participants.

All Joker talks are devoted to Java technical issues and solutions. After every talk debates continue in a special discussion area — a place to bring up the main trends in a non-formal atmosphere.

The main topics of the conference are performance, parallel computing, concurrency, testing, distributed systems and high loads in Java world, as well as the future of the platform.

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Visit the most beautiful city in Russia (and this is not an exaggeration!) as a speaker of our conference. St. Petersburg has got the "World's Leading Cultural City Destination 2016" award and has become one of the top 25 cities in the world for visiting in 2017 (according to TripAdvisor), which allows us to talk not only about its fame, but also about its openness and safety for anyone (regardless of gender, race, religion, etc.).

By the way, all travel expenses will be reimbursed for approved speakers. We'll transfer you to the conference venue and organize a cultural program, which is not limited to the conference itself and the restaurant. We also offer you a guiding tour to get you acquainted with the city and its culture while hanging out with other speakers.

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Java 8 / Java 12 — new features of Java platform and projects OpenJDK;
JVM/JDK underhood (Runtime, GC, OpenJDK);
Application/VM Performance;
Architecture of Java projects;
JVM programming languages;
Highloaded systems;
Distributed systems;
Developer tools;
Cloud & Data storages;
Frameworks (Spring, Spark, Hibernate, etc.);
ML / DataScience;
DevOps, CD, CI;


Speakers of the previous conferences, for the most part, need no introduction. And among them there is always a place for new stars!

Venkat SubramaniamAgile Developer, Inc.
Alexey ShipilevRed Hat
Ted NewardNeward & Associates
Martin ThompsonReal Logic Limited
Cay HorstmannSan Jose State University
Charles NutterRed Hat
Josh LongPivotal
Eugene BorisovNaya Technologies
Baruch SadogurskyJFrog
Christian ThalingerTwitter
Ivan KrylovAzul Systems
Oleg ŠelajevOracle
Marcus LagergrenOracle
Volker SimonisSAP
Andrey BreslavJetBrains
Svetlana IsakovaJetBrains
Nitsan WakartTTNR Labs
Gil TeneAzul Systems
Sebastian DaschnerIBM
Anastasia LievaTabMo


Our Program Committee will impartially review your application, regardless of whether you were previously at conferences, your skin color, sex, race, orientation, and favorite IDE.

0Submitting a talk
1Adoption of the talk
with the Program Committee
at the conference
4Cultural activities / Preparty
with colleagues
7A bag of memories
8Preparation of
A new talk

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The professional conference covers a really large part of the community. Let’s count: more than 1000 professional on the site, no less than 200 online broadcasts, including the corporate ones which cover the entire departments. And that’s just the beginning. Videos and articles in professional communities also make it possible to achieve a prolonged effect for many months even after the end of the conference. This means that your knowledge and skills will be in demand by as many professionals in your area as possible.

And remember two rules:

Senior Developer
Middle Developer
Team Lead


Enlarge your recognition in the developer community all around the world
Share your experience with colleagues and increase your value in the market
Extremely improve your presentation skills with the support of the Program Committee
Extend your portfolio using our photos and videos of a great quality
Explore the cultural capital of Russia

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